The accommodations offered by Paul Ranch Montana LLC  includes a no-frills one room historic bunkhouse. For the budget minded traveler, our Chaps & Spurs Historic Bunkhouse will help you stretch your travel dollar.

This is a great add-on space for one of the larger vacation rentals.
Sitting on the porch morning and evening is a favorite spot of the Ranch owner...feeling the fresh air, listening to the natural sounds, gazing at the mountains, watching the gold finches drink and bathe in the adjacent pond, and the butterflies flutter about in the peacefulness of the setting.

In a sense, you'll truly be roughing it - just like the cowboys...there's electricity & a private bathhouse. It's a rustic taste of Montana's past!

  • 2 night min. (consecutive)
  • Non-smoking
  •  Sleeps 3
  • Private Bathhouse with toilet, sink & shower.
  • Potable water provided
  • Pet Free 
  • All the serenity, privacy and views Paul Ranch Montana is famous for! 

  • Bunkbed & Single-sleeps 3
  • Linens available-or use your sleeping bags
  • Microwave & Fridge
  • Coffeemaker & coffee fixin's
  • Electric Teakettle and Tea fixin's
  • Paper plates, cups, plasticware
  • Linens, Blankets, Towels
  • Historic period furnishings-except the beds. We want our guests to get a good night's sleep.
  • Ceiling Fan and Oil Heater 
  •  WiFi Internet available
  • Inside and outside eating areas
  • Landscaped artisian pond-a natural attraction for butterflies and birds
  •  24/7 Caretakers
  • Scheduled service to your cabin so you can enjoy your vacation
  • Local attractions

Sleeps 3
Pleasant Outside Seating

Private Shower, Toilet, Sink
Private Washhouse
Inside Eating Area
My Grandma's Hoosier for Coffee & Fixin's
Relax on the Porch
Artisan Pond for Birds & Butterflies